KitchenAid - Mixers - 

Full Service of Classic- Artisan - Heavy Duty  and Pro  

Our Full Service and Repair includes:


*Grease replace

*Food safe grease to Planetary Hub.

*Premium EP2 Grease on Gearbox.

*Standard Clean

Repair work is included, you just pay for any parts required.

*We do not replace gears if they are in good condition.

*6 month warranty* and 12 month safety PATest.

*Does not include broken or missing parts

*Gearbox are not included on the Warranty 

+ Service no available for motor replacement 


 £ 130.00 + £ 30.00 Delivery one way - Classsic and Artisan models

 £ 150.00 + £ 35.00 Delivery one way - Heavy Duty and Pro models


Timescale between 10-16 days


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*Terms and Conditions of Service