Restored Mixers and Used Spare Parts





Kenwood Chef Premier KMC500 Restored on Purple Red with 1200W Ball Bearing motor. 

£ 250.00 including Delivery

Powder Coat  RAL 3004 - Purple Red

New 1200W Powerful motor with Ball Bearing Technology

*New stainless Steel Bowl 4.6

*New SPIRAL  Stainless Steel  Dough Hook

*New Stainless Steel Whisk

*New Aluminium K beater

*New Splashguard 


The mixer was restored and serviced by:  Kenwood Chef Service Limited

Other parts has been replaced as new:  Feet, spigot, control knob

Running quieter operation

Metal Body -  Metal Gears

Finish is Gloss Solid Colour

Some orange peel effect on the bowl area ( see last picture )

High  Speed Covers for Kenwood Models A700/A700B and A706


£ 39.00 each including Delivery


Please when order inform the colour of your choice.