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Kenwood A701A

Modern Desing by 1960- with improved Gearbox and Motor is the most recognised Kenwood Mixer.

Kenwood Titanium

Quality and Powerfull all in one

Kenwood A700 Series

Quality Stylish  Vintage - 1950 icon

Kenwood A901 and KM Series

From 1976 the model A901 was with improved gearbox, loud motor and plastics parts  Affordable to the public, KM models improved by 1985

KitchenAid Mixers

An American Icon, versatile mixer fully metal construction  especially for bakers.  Colourful variety of sizes and power A favorite mixer of most Chefs

You will find an Icon next each Description also explained differences  This icon  means Service and Repair only  -  This one   Restoration Service